Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween All!
Okay - Let's do a quick run down, shall we?
If you've been paying attention at all, you know by now that I got eliminated from Comic Book Idol at the end of Round 2 - Yeah, I was pissed about it for a minute but it's cool, believe me... it's a good thing. There are still some very talented Artists vying for that top spot so if you registered to vote on the CBR forum I urge you to continue doing so. My personal favorites are JOSE HOLDER, DAN McDAID and JON REED.
I've been busy working on some pretty cool stuff but it's pretty early into the process so I'm not going to post any of it here, not yet anyway... so since I can't share just yet and since I go a little crazy if I don't get to draw something just for fun, I started on this little diddy tonight. I'll post the pencils for now and then post it again once it's been Inked, maybe I can get someone to color it up too, wouldn't that be snazzy?!

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