Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Here's a BATTLE ANGEL piece I did as a break in-between pages based off of some amazing costuming by Riddle - Blue Pencil, Pentel Brush Pen and Ink Wash w/ a little Photoshop tweaking to play with the color. This image is available for purchase on my etsy shop at - http://www.etsy.com/shop/mainstage


Adrian Johnson said...

Fred, two things:

1) It's good to see you getting wet with Photoshop.

2) What did you tweak in Photoshop?


Not much at all really, all I did was change the levels as per usual and then modify the color balance to get more of the bluish tone.

Marcel said...

I'm pretty sure you answered this not long ago, but what do you use to ink? Your balance of line weights and solid blacks are mouth-watering.

Even though I hadn't seen her cosplay in years, I still remembered it as soon as I saw your picture. Amazing work, as always!


I use the Pentel Brush Pen as well as a couple of different technical pens and brushes. Thanks for looking Marcel!

Marcel said...

Crazy! I used to use a pentel brush pen, but never had anywhere near the finesse you seem to get out of it. I'll have to try harder and give it another go!