Monday, January 24, 2011

SHE-HULK Updated

Here's a look at the final on the She-Hulk Print which will be offered as a show exclusive at Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con available at the Headhunta' Studios Booth, if you'll be attending the show stop by and pick it up!

My good friend and SCORN collaborrator Adrian Johnson threw the colors down on this one and really, I couldn't be happier. There's nothing better than working with someone who 'gets you'. With no notes from me at all he accomplished exactly the look and feel that I wanted and just made it his own without resorting to Photoshop gimmicks or compromising my linework. Cool Beans!!


Adrian Johnson said...

Thanks, dude.

But truth be told, your work is actually pretty challenging to color. Your draftsmanship and the clean open spaces can be daunting because there is nowhere to hide. So you do have to get in there and find the balance between graphic and natural sensibilities. You'll tell me if something is wack.

And yes, I do kinda know what you like. Speaking of which, back to SCORN...!


larry e. watts II said...

!!! Lookin good fredo!!