Saturday, April 10, 2010


With the exception of Curt Swan on Superman I really have no fonder comic book memories than The New Teen Titans during the Wolfman / Perez era. Storywise and artwise there just isn't much out there that's been done better so these were alot of fun for me. My cards got mailed out today and a few of my friends have been good enough to volunteertheir time and effort for a great cause - For more info go to: ttp://

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Adrian Johnson said...

Yeah, totally agree Fred!

In fact, I am missing just two issues from having a complete run of the Wolfman/Perez Titans ending with the Judas Contract (although the Wedding of Donna Troy in issue 50 might be a better stopping point). But once my run is complete, I want to get them all bound by Summer. Most of those issues had more characterization, pathos, and just all out fun than many contemporary comics can do in 6 issues today.

I may have said this elsewhere, but your cards look fantastic, sir! Not only is this for a great and worthy cause, but some lucky soul will have these awesome pieces to marvel at for years to come.