Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So in honor of Master Wayne's apparent demise in the pages of Final Crisis the folks over at PROJECT ROOFTOP are hosting a BATMAN 2.0 design contest, the jist of it being "redesign the Batman uniform to suit his most likely successor, Dick Grayson AKA Robin AKA Nightwing". I've never submitted a re-design before but being that Nightwing has always been one of my favorite characters I made a special effort to get this one in before the deadline... I even went as far as to color it myself!! This is most likely the only place you're likely to see it, as my lovely Wife was sweet enough to point out - "He still just looks like Nightwing"


KJ Sampson said...

I like the design, but it ain't Batman without the cape.


It makes sense that you would be the one to call me out on that Khari - I gave that one alot of thought but it basically came down to the fact that the first thing Dick Grayson did when he left his Robin identity behind was ditch the cape and I don't think it suits him.