Monday, August 11, 2008

Doctor Horrible - Part II

So I went back into the piece and added Penny, which as I got into it I realized that the reason I didn't draw her in the first place was that I didn't have a very good handle on her look. I mean Captain Hammer was easy, Nathan Fillion already looks like a superhero so all I had to do was beef him up a little bit. The good Doctor was easy too although I went away from the Neil Patrick Harris likeness a bit in order to 'funny book' him up some. Penny was another story. I've always found drawing women more difficult then drawing men and Felicia Day has this very pixie-ish look to her which I've never been able to really get right. The fact that I drew her singing probably didn't help me either... anyway it occurs to me that this piece was supposed to be just for fun and somehow I turned it into work...

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