Saturday, February 16, 2008


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Ed Dukeshire - Digital Webbing
Demon's Regret

"Continuing with what is sure to be a Digital Webbing summer…
We’re happy to announce a brand-new mini-series starting this June (just in time for SDCC).

Written and created by Mitch Brown, illustrated by Comic Book Idol contestant and Boom! Studios’ Salem: Queen of Thorns Artist Wilfredo Torres. Wrapping up this stunning project is the legendary Michael Golden on covers.
Demon’s Regret #1 (of 3) 24 pages, full color

What if a Demon regretted following the path of evil? Unable to gain redemption and join the forces of good, the Demon is trapped in a no man’s land, searching for ways to punish Lucifer and his followers throughout history and beyond.
Look for Demon’s Regret #1 in the April Diamond Previews catalog under the Digital Webbing section. Demon’s Regret #1 will hit comic shops worldwide in June"

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Monica Garces said...

Pretty Cool! Very proud of you!