Saturday, September 1, 2007


Welcome to THE MAIN STAGE - Inaugural Sketch Blog!
For a while now I've been checking out the late Mike Wieringo's art blog as well as Eric Canete and Cory Walker and they inspired me not only with their amazing talent but with their discipline in being able to regularly update their Blogs, despite their busy schedules. So since the work is piling up and the Missus is giving me a hard time about staying focused I decided, "What better time than NOW to start my own Blog!"... hmm, genius.

Anyway, here's the deal so you can all help to keep me honest - I'm (foolishly) challenging myself to follow Cory Walker's formula and 'try' to maintain a DAILY sketch blog. All of my pieces should follow the same format: 5.5" x 7" Non-Repro Blue on Bristol / No Inks / No Color - I've got several sketch themes in mind and they should be more than enough to keep me busy for at least the first month but 'where to start' was a no-brainer. For me... it all started with the Boy Scout.


James Burns said...

Great drawing. Not exactly Supes (needs a wide lantern jaw), but looks like his cousin taking the suit out for a ride. Great perspective.

John said...

good sketch,
I see some foreshortening issues with the arms but this is only a sketch,
but nonetheless very cool.